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Castle and Sun by Paul Klee is an abstract cityscape painting Istaknut

The very individual style of the German-Swiss painter Paul Klee was influenced by movements in art that included expressionism, cubism, and surrealism. His artworks are often full of allusions to dreams, music, poetry. Burg und Sonne was the original title of his 1928 painting, which translates directly as Castle and Sun, capturing the main focal points of this painting. Whilst conforming to abstraction, it could be argued that Castle and Sun fits into any or all of Expressionism, Cubism, and Surrealism. Klee himself produced several of these intricate tiled scenes and this artwork becomes amongst the most reproduced of all his artworks. Today, this painting is in a private collection.

The painting Castle and Sun creates an imaginary art world and represents a special expression in abstract art. The stylish images are created out of several different geometric shapes and various shades of color. The cityscape has been made up of a kaleidoscopic of shapes set against a deep copper background. Many triangles, rectangles, and squares comprise the abstract form of a cityscape whose colors were inspired by Klee's earlier trip to the northern African country of Tunisia. Above this unusual city is the sun which seems to illuminate it and bring light into the playfulness of form. The lone orange sun shines in the deep red sky created by strong lines of intense color and structure. In addition, various rectangular sizes add depth to the abstract image. The clay-colored background gives the viewer a clearer picture of what the shapes that form the city's outlines of intense color and light look like. Pops of yellow color bring the eye in and break up the brown color that appears everywhere.

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