The French humanist, narrator, physician, and monk François Rabelais wrote five comic novels Gargantua and Pantagruel from 1532, when he was about 37, until the end of his life. The first book, Pantagruel, was published in 1532, and the second, Gargantua, in 1534. The third book was published in 1545, the fourth in 1552, and the last, after Rabelais' death, in 1564. The censors of the Collège de la Sorbonne stigmatized it as obscene, and in a social climate of increasing religious oppression in a lead up to the French Wars of Religion, it was treated with suspicion, and contemporaries avoided mentioning it.

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Pantagruel studied very hard, as you may well conceive, and profited accordingly; for he had an excellent understanding and notable wit, together with a capacity in memory equal to the measure of twelve oil budgets or butts of olives. And, as he was there abiding one day, he received a letter from his father in manner as followeth.

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Gargantua i Pantagruel

Francuski humanista, pripovedač, lekar i monah Fransoa Rable pisao je svoj komični roman Gargantua i Pantagruel u pet knjiga od 1532, kada je imao oko 37 godina, pa do kraja svog života. Prva knjiga Pantagruel objavljena je 1532, druga Gargantua 1534. godine. Treća knjiga je objavljena 1545, četvrta 1552 i poslednja, posle smrti Rablea, 1564. godine.

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