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Girl with a Mandolin was one of Pablo Picasso's early Analytic Cubist paintings Istaknut

Girl with a Mandolin is one of the most beautiful, lyrical, and accessible of all Cubist paintings but is also an early example of an Analytic Cubist painting. The idea for this painting originated in Cadaques where Pablo Picasso and Fernande Olivier spent a summer vacation in 1910. The same year Picasso painted in Paris Girl with a Mandolin within the Cubism. Today it is in the collection of The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Pablo Picasso painted Girl with a Mandolin from a nude girl holding a mandolin who sat in front of him, facing him. The characteristic fragmentation of form is carried to almost unrecognizable lengths. Only the mandolin is comparatively easy to identify in the lower reaches of the composition. Picasso analyzed the girl's nude figure, breaking it down into many squares, cubes, rectangles, and other unnamable geometric shapes along the contours of her form. He arranged these shapes to show different parts of her body. The background of the painting, behind the girl, shows nothing recognizable. It's like she's surrounded by a random pattern of squares, cubes, rectangles, and other geometric shapes forming unrecognizable imagery. Since Picasso has rendered the girl the same way as the background, it's a little difficult to distinguish the shapes which belong to her from the shapes that belong to the background. It's like figure and background have become one surface.

Pablo Picasso used an almost monochromatic color palette. The colors in the painting are shades of light brown, tan, yellow, and olive green. They all seem close to each other in color, and they are all muted or dull. Blue-grey accents, often directly juxtaposed with dark, structural lines, imbue the painting with facet-like plasticity. There is shading and shadows from many different places, yet somehow they all work as a cohesive unit.

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