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The Jewish Bride is one of the great baroque portraits of Rembrandt van Rijn Istaknut

Rembrandt van Rijn, Portrait of a Couple as Isaac and Rebecca from around 1667, commonly known as The Jewish Bride, is an example of the aging Rembrandt at his finest. This double portrait acquired the title of The Jewish Bride in the early nineteenth century when an art collector in Amsterdam interpreted the painting as a Jewish father who hung a necklace to his daughter on her wedding day. Nowadays many art historians disagree with this interpretation. Some believe the two figures portrayed are lovers or a married couple and others think it represents a biblical couple. Also, some have suggested that the painting shows Rembrandt's son Titus and his wife. The painting is now housed in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

In the center of the horizontally-oriented painting are a male lightly embracing and a female in historical costumes resembling characters from the Bible. Despite the intimacy of their gesture, they look at the viewer. A woman who wears a luxurious red dress stands with her wrists and neck draped in pearls. The fingers of her left hand gently rest on his in a touching, protective gesture. A man dressed in a vertically pleated garment over a shirt in shades of gold and brown stands to her right. His left arm around is around her shoulders and his right-hand lies on her breasts. The background is almost empty, showing only a few architectural forms and a potted plant.

For the painting, The Jewish Bride Rembrandt van Rijn uses only two basic colors, the green-gold color of a man's luxurious uniform, full on a prominent sleeve, muted elsewhere, and the red-orange color of a woman's dress, interspersed with subtle details on the vest. The background is barely indicated in shades of dark, mottled brown, and has a small definition. The paint is applied very roughly in lumps and flakes.

Rembrandt van Rijn uses the light in the painting The Jewish Bride outside of his painting purposes, as a means of describing the inner state of man and woman. The light source is clear, but it seems to be artificial and warm, maybe a few candles above the figures. The light is reflected by the richly decorated clothes of a man and a woman, whose red dress emphasizes the celebration of the event and hints at affirming the meaning of life.

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